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Commonly asked questions by customers

Are your consultations free?

Yes, as a one-time offer. It consists of 30-minute consultations with all customers.  Afterward, clients will be required to pay on an hourly basis or as agreed. If you would like a session, book  here


How much do your services cost?

Depending on the type of service a client wants, prices range. We have broken down prices on each service page on the website. Feel free to take a look at them and we’ll be happy to take the conversation further.


Is online marketing and digital marketing the same thing?

Simply put, Digital Marketing refers more to Platforms while Online Marketing refers to Methods. This means that online marketing is a subset of digital marketing and content is delivered through the internet. While digital marketing refers to marketing that exists on electronic devices


Which tools should every marketer be aware of?

Every marketer should look into employing tools such as CRM tools, Email Marketing tools, Calendars, HR tools, Analytical tools etc.  We did a webinar explaining how different tools can be of help to your business.  Watch it here 


I am just starting off my business and have a tight budget, are your prices negotiable?

Depending on the services you will need from us, we may be able to tailor a budget for you or give you some great recommendations we deem fit for your business.


Why is SEO important?

Search Engine Optimization gives business visibility on search engines e.g. Google. Good SEO ensures you rank higher when services/products related to your business are searched for. Junto has compiled some interesting SEO stats that may be helpful for a deeper understanding.


How do I stay updated as a Marketer?

You can start by keeping up with Google trends.