The most used platforms for social media marketing include Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. In addition to that, Snapchat, Whatsapp, LinkedIn and Pinterest have attracted users over the years. Due to the Covid pandemic, the use of these online platforms and digital activities, in general, has seen an increase; hence the need to market your business online. In order to succeed, you will need to appeal to the platform’s algorithm, audience’s wants and needs and be keen on the posting time.

The Use of Social Media Platforms

Facebook, the most used platform; can be used for image and video sharing.

Instagram can be used for long-form storytelling.

Tiktok can be used as a video sharing platform.

LinkedIn can be used for B2B companies suitable for thought leadership.

Twitter can be used to drive discussions on certain topics.

Snapchat is mostly common with images and lastly.

Pinterest can be used to pin ideas such as decor, outfits and feature brands.

Depending on the kind of content you would like to share, make sure it is in line with what these platforms are all about, also, cross-pollinate across all platforms through content, memes, Ads, and messenger marketing.

Social Media Icons


Content Ideas for Social Media Marketing

  • Telling stories

This is informing your audience of what they can expect from your service or products. You can do this by creating short videos that your customers can relate to or sharing your ideas through posts. This will enable more people to relate to your content and engage more.

  • Contests and Teasers

You can do this by having giveaways and showcasing product deals to drive more engagement to your service.

  • Memes

They are a fun way to incorporate your idea on a light note and make people relate with your content in a realistic and funny way.

  • Videos

Creating interactive videos means your audience can engage more with you and you can also go Live and engage with your audience through Q&As and creative topics.

  • How-to guides and tutorials

Always show your audience how to use a service or product especially if it’s a new one and they might not be really familiar with it.

  • User-generated content

This is the most important one, show reviews of your services and what your customer ratings are. This gets your audience to trust your service through recommendations from others. Consider Reputation Marketing for your business.

Ways To Increase Followers Social Media Platforms

  • Creating high-quality content that is visually captivating and tells your story clearly to draw engagement. For instance by using a good quality camera and interesting forms of storytelling.
  • Tags, shoutouts and partnerships, always tag the right audience or influencers that are connected with your products to reach a wider audience. You can do this by tagging people who have used your products and recommending them to their audience.
  • Ask a follower to tag friends, tagging their friends creates a web of followers and more people can be able to access your services. An example of this can be to create interesting posts that your followers can participate with their friends.
  • Share milestones and behind the scenes, by giving them a feel of your reality they will be able to relate more to your content on a personal level.
  • Create polls on social media platforms, this is an easy interactive form to get your audience input on certain things and enables them to feel connected with you and your content.

It is important to identify your audience as well as the platforms they engage with the most. This helps you know how to craft content best suited for them. Remember, social media marketing is a people business rather than a numbers game. More followers don’t always mean more engagement (likes, comments and shares). Ensure your content is relevant and you are offering a service that addresses your customer’s pain points.

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