Market Audit, Strategy and Plan Case Study – Rashmi Yadav


The client, Rashmi Yadav was interested in getting into the Wellness space, with empathy as her main calling. She had started a blog and wanted to understand how to drive traffic and monetize it by understanding her key strengths and how to bring them out in a captivating manner


What We Did

We spoke with Rashmi one on one to understand where her priorities lie, as she had different ideas about her future endeavors in the empathy space. We were able to give her prospective target audiences, complete with their respective demographic and psychographic elements to help her narrow down her focus.

We also assessed the macro and micro environment to showcase the opportunities that were around her in the midst of threats to her business. We then formulated a strategy which encompassed building her social media brand by leveraging on untapped online channels and collaborating with her peers in the industry through strategic partnerships.


We presented a comprehensive Market Audit, Marketing Strategy and a Marketing Plan reports that the client can use to make business decisions for market penetration and growth.



Having undertaken a robust marketing audit, we broke down key short term and long term activities that Rashmi could use so as to gain competitive advantage.


Value For You

We work with you in understanding your target audience and further developing your unique value proposition using various tools and skillsets at our disposal. Even after we have concluded our final presentation, we are still available to support you in implementing the various tactical methods recommended by leveraging on our expertise thus being your true marketing partner.

Amai Sanii