Open Hearth Coaching – Events Marketing


Open Hearth Coaching, a start up life coaching company was looking to provide their coaching services to individuals and professionals to grow their business. Their main objective was to reach the target market and bring value to them especially through organising events. The workshop would be conducted by Ingrid Kruiter, a certified Master Practitioner NLP Life Coach and trained workshop facilitator with experience in systemic work.

What We Did

We coined up a strategy for the events. We defined the target market who would benefit from the workshop. We organised two events which were promoted via Facebook events, paid ads, Facebook groups, WhatsApp including status and groups. A lot of it was organic reach through networks.


We first worked on a draft logo for Open Hearth Coaching that can be used for branding purposes. We also designed the posters for the events, content for the event page to promote pre-event and the introduction slides during the event.


We got a 50% increase in participants from previous events. The Client had time to focus on delivering the content and training and not worry about the organising and marketing of the event.

Value For You

We look at each event as a unique point to strategise and achieve your goals. Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation on your event, whether online or offline.

Open Hearth Coaching