Market Audit, Strategy and Plan Case Study


Amai Sanii, an African Wear fashion business in Kenya, was a small size business aiming to penetrate the market and grow the business. They wanted to understand their market and target audience better to help them to make business decisions and create a strategy for market penetration.


What We Did

First we interviewed the client on what their current status of business is, who are their clients, what is their understanding of the target audience and dug into understanding their business systems and processes in place.

We then did a market audit by conducting an internal and external analysis of Amai Sanii. This included BCG Matrix to understand their product portfolio, current customer demographic and psychographic, competitor analysis, highlighted key market trends, PESTLE analysis, Porter’s five forces and SWOT analysis were among the tools used.

Following the analysis, we highlighted the key outcomes from the market audit which helped us to put together strategic options for Amai Sanii to consider for company and business growth. This included a report on Segmentation, Critical Success Factors, Targeting and Positioning.



We presented a comprehensive Market Audit report that the client can use to make business decisions for market penetration and growth.



An understanding of the fashion market in Kenya and how to use this Market Intelligence to position and further the business.


Value For You

Whether you are a startup or an already existing business a market audit periodically helps the business look at the market changes, trends and analyse processes both internally and externally. The data collected works as market intelligence that can be used to help get more customers and retain existing customers. Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation for your market audit.

Amai Sanii